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This is a fairly new collection for me. Like so many people these were some of the first field guides I had as a kid. I still like to pick them up and look over the images that bring back so many memories. What excites me about this and the How and Why series is that most are common, inexpensive books and makes searching for them fun and not an painful experience.

There is an excellent website that has detailed information on this series. Go to:

There are 81 different titles in this series. I will work towards getting one of each title first. Then as time goes on will try to get one of each cover version. Actually I'm at the point now that with a few books missing from my collection, I'm looking for those that have a second cover illustration. Someday I might try to get a first edition of each one book but that's not a priority. Here is the list from the above mentioned site. The books are listed by number and title. I should also note that many of these books were issued in other languages or versions such as Little Guides in the UK or Petit Guides in France. I'll try to pick those up as I go along but especially try to pick up the foreign guides for which there is no Golden Press version. For example at the end of this list are those foreign guides I already have and they include one on Caving unique to the UK and one on China unique to France.

BOLD means I have it.