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This is a fairly new collection for me. I had this series as a kid and have fond memories of them. The only series that I remember as strongly are the similar sized books with stamps in them - but it is hard to find those books anymore. Fortunately How and Why books remain fairly common in used stores. What excites me about this and the Golden Nature Guide series is that these are common, inexpensive books and makes searching for them fun and not an painful experience.

There is an excellent website that has detailed information on this series. Go to:

There are 70-76 different titles in this series. Most issued in North America but there are a few UK versions only. I will work towards getting one of each title first and then as time goes on, try to get a first edition of each one.

There are also hard cover versions of some of these books.

Some were issued to schools in a hardbound version of seven volumes called The Science Library with 3-4 books in each volume.
Volume 1: Beginning Science, Wild Animals, Birds
Volume 2: Insects, Ants and Bees, Reptiles
Volume 3: Weather, Rocks and Minerals, Our Earth
Volume 4: Electricity, Machines, Mathematics
Volume 5: Chemistry, The Human Body, The Microscope
Volume 6: Atomic Energy, Sound, Flight
Volume 7: Planets and Interplanetary Travel, Rockets and Missiles, Stars

Here is the list from the above mentioned site.