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Kevin's Web Page


 Cave of Bats, Nova Scotia, 2009

This is a simple site set up to allow me to explore my personal interests and hobbies.

NOVEMBER 2021 UPDATE. I created these pages nearly 20 years ago. I've not updated them often. And when I did, it was often just an introductory update paragraph but leaving the original text intact.

The time will soon come to remove this site. When I created these pages, I was using the HTML editor. Not only is that not necessary anymore but I get warnings that continuing to update using the editor might prohibit my migrating these to another format.

So someday I might remove, or if there is a need, recreate a similar site elsewhere. Until then, I keep it as the work is done and sometimes it is useful to show people some aspects about myself.


The four main sections are:


1) Who am I?
A short history...

2) Outdoors: Where I Should Be
Life lists...

3) Collections: The Final Addiction
Books, toys and books again...

4) Odds and Ends
Things that don't fit elsewhere...