Life List

 Dead Coachwhip, Arizona, 1985


The following is a list of the reptiles and amphibians of North America. I obtained this list from the web page of the University of Puget Sound, Washington.

As with my mammal list, I have listed all the species found in North America but just noted those species that I've seen. Also as with both my mammal and bird list, I have still not gone over all my field notes and journals to compile a definitive list of the species that I've seen. For example I remember looking in streams in Vermont with a friend for salamanders but can not find any record of what species we found. And if I find my field notes from Florida I'm sure I had a number of frog species listed. I will add to this list as I do that review.







Cryptobranchus alleganiensis - Hellbender


Pseudobranchus striatus - Dwarf Siren
Siren intermedia - Lesser Siren
Siren lacertina - Greater Siren


Notophthalmus meridionalis - Black-spotted Newt
Notophthalmus perstriatus - Striped Newt
Notophthalmus viridescens - Eastern Newt
****Have seen this frequently in Nova Scotia (Red-spotted Newt subspecies).
Taricha granulosa - Roughskin Newt
Taricha rivularis - Redbelly Newt
Taricha torosa - California Newt


Necturus alabamensis - Alabama Waterdog
Necturus beyeri - Gulf Coast Waterdog
Necturus lewisi - Neuse River Waterdog
Necturus maculosus - Mudpuppy
Necturus punctatus - Dwarf waterdog


Amphiuma means - Two-toed Amphiuma
Amphiuma pholeter - One-toed Amphiuma
Amphiuma tridactylum - Three-toed Amphiuma


Ambystoma annulatum - Ringed Salamander
Ambystoma barbouri - Streamside Salamander
Ambystoma californiense - California Tiger Salamander
Ambystoma cingulatum - Flatwoods Salamander
Ambystoma gracile - Northwestern Salamander
Ambystoma jeffersonianum - Jefferson Salamander
Ambystoma laterale - Blue-spotted Salamander
****Have seen this many times in Nova Scotia. Even one of the triploids.
Ambystoma mabeei - Mabee's Salamander
Ambystoma macrodactylum - Long-toed Salamander
Ambystoma maculatum - Spotted Salamander
****Have seen this many times in Nova Scotia.
Ambystoma opacum - Marbled Salamander
Ambystoma talpoideum - Mole Salamander
Ambystoma texanum - Smallmouth Salamander
Ambystoma tigrinum - Tiger Salamander
****Have seen this often in Saskatchewan and once in Colorado.


Dicamptodon aterrimus - Idaho Giant Salamander
Dicamptodon copei - Cope's Giant Salamander
Dicamptodon ensatus - California Giant Salamander
Dicamptodon tenebrosus - Pacific Giant Salamander


Rhyacotriton cascadae - Cascade Torrent Salamander
Rhyacotriton kezeri - Columbia Torrent Salamander
Rhyacotriton olympicus - Olympic Torrent Salamander
Rhyacotriton variegatus - Southern Torrent Salamander


Aneides aeneus - Green Salamander
Aneides ferreus - Clouded Salamander
Aneides flavipunctatus - Black Salamander
Aneides hardii - Sacramento Mountain Salamander
Aneides lugubris - Arboreal Salamander
Batrachoseps aridus - Desert Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps attenuatus - California Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps campi - Inyo Mountains Salamander
Batrachoseps major - Garden Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps nigriventris - Blackbelly Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps pacificus - Channel Islands Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps relictus - Relictual Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps simatus - Kern Canyon Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps stebbinsi - Tehachapi Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps wrighti - Oregon Slender Salamander
Desmognathus aeneus - Seepage Salamander
Desmognathus apalachicolae - Apalachicola Dusky Salamander
Desmognathus auriculatus - Southern Dusky Salamander
Desmognathus brimleyorum - Ouachita Dusky Salamander
Desmognathus fuscus - Dusky Salamander
Desmognathus imitator - Imitator Salamander
Desmognathus monticola - Seal Salamander
Desmognathus ochrophaeus - Mountain Dusky Salamander
Desmognathus quadramaculatus - Blackbelly Salamander
Desmognathus santeetlah - Santeetlah Dusky Salamander
Desmognathus welteri - Black Mountain Salamander
Desmognathus wrighti - Pigmy Salamander
Ensatina eschscholtzii - Ensatina
Eurycea bislineata - Northern Two-lined Salamander
Eurycea cirrigera - Southern Two-lined Salamander
Eurycea junaluska - Junaluska Salamander
Eurycea longicauda - Longtail Salamander
Eurycea lucifuga - Cave Salamander
Eurycea multiplicata - Many-ribbed Salamander
Eurycea nana - San Marcos Salamander
Eurycea neotenes - Texas Salamander
Eurycea quadridigitata - Dwarf Salamander
Eurycea tridentifera - Comal Blind Salamander
Eurycea tynerensis - Oklahoma Salamander
Eurycea wilderae - Blue Ridge Two-lined Salamander
Gyrinophilus palleucus - Tennessee Cave Salamander
Gyrinophilus porphyriticus - Spring Salamander
Gyrinophilus subterraneus - West Virginia Spring Salamander
Haideotriton wallacei - Georgia Blind Salamander
Hemidactylium scutatum - Four-toed Salamander
****Have seen this in Nova Scotia and I believe New Brunswick.
Hydromantes brunus - Limestone Salamander
Hydromantes platycephalus - Mount Lyell Salamander
Hydromantes shastae - Shasta Salamander
Leurognathus marmoratus - Shovelnose Salamander
Phaeognathus hubrichti - Red Hills Salamander
Plethodon albagula - Western Slimy Salamander
Plethodon aureolus - Tellico Salamander
Plethodon caddoensis - Caddo Mountain Salamander
Plethodon chattahoochee - Chattahoochee Slimy Salamander
Plethodon chlorobryonis - Atlantic Coast Slimy Salamander
Plethodon cinereus - Redback Salamander
****Have seen this very often in Nova Scotia. The best of the salamanders.
Plethodon cylindraceus - White-spotted Slimy Salamander
Plethodon dorsalis - Zigzag Salamander
Plethodon dunni - Dunn's Salamander
Plethodon elongatus - Del Norte Salamander
Plethodon fourchensis - Fourche Mountain Salamander
Plethodon glutinosus - Northern Slimy Salamander
Plethodon grobmani - Southeastern Slimy Salamander
Plethodon hoffmani - Valley and Ridge Salamander
Plethodon hubrichti - Peaks of Otter Salamander
Plethodon idahoensis - Coeur d'Alene Salamander
Plethodon jordani - Jordan's Salamander
Plethodon kentucki - Cumberland Plateau Salamander
Plethodon kiamichi - Kiamichi Slimy Salamander
Plethodon kisatchie - Louisiana Slimy Salamander
Plethodon larselli - Larch Mountain Salamander
Plethodon mississippi - Mississippi Slimy Salamander
Plethodon neomexicanus - Jemez Mountains Salamander
Plethodon nettingi - Cheat Mountain Salamander
Plethodon ocmulgee - Ocmulgee Slimy Salamander
Plethodon ouachitae - Rich Mountain Salamander
Plethodon petraeus - Pigeon Mountain Salamander
Plethodon punctatus - White-spotted Salamander
Plethodon richmondi - Ravine Salamander
Plethodon savannah - Savannah Slimy Salamander
Plethodon sequoyah - Sequoyah Slimy Salamander
Plethodon serratus - Southern Redback Salamander
Plethodon shenandoah - Shenandoah Salamander
Plethodon stormi - Siskiyou Mountains Salamander
Plethodon teyahalee - Southern Appalachian Salamander
Plethodon vandykei - Van Dyke's Salamander
Plethodon variolatus - South Carolina Slimy Salamander
Plethodon vehiculum - Western Red-backed Salamander
Plethodon websteri - Webster's Salamander
Plethodon wehrlei - Wehrle's Salamander
Plethodon welleri - Weller's Salamander
Plethodon yonahlossee - Yonahlossee Salamander
Pseudotriton montanus - Mud Salamander
Pseudotriton ruber - Red Salamander
Stereochilus marginatus - Many-lined Salamander
Typhlomolge rathbuni - Texas Blind Salamander
Typhlomolge robusta - Blanco Blind Salamander
Typhlotriton spelaeus - Grotto Salamander



Ascaphus truei - Tailed Frog


Rhinophrynus dorsalis - Mexican Burrowing Toad


Scaphiopus bombifrons - Plains Spadefoot
Scaphiopus couchii - Couch's Spadefoot
Scaphiopus hammondii - Western Spadefoot
Scaphiopus holbrookii - Eastern Spadefoot
Scaphiopus intermontanus - Great Basin Spadefoot
Scaphiopus multiplicatus - New Mexico Spadefoot


Rana areolata - Crawfish Frog
Rana aurora - Red-legged Frog
Rana berlandieri - Rio Grande Leopard Frog
****Have seen this but need to check my records to see that it wasn't R. chiricahuensis.
Rana blairi - Plains Leopard Frog
****Have seen this species in Ramsey Canyon, AZ.
Rana boylii - Foothill Yellow-legged Frog
Rana capito - Gopher Frog
Rana cascadae - Cascades Frog
Rana catesbeiana - Bullfrog
****Have seen this species in Nova Scotia frequently and in Arizona where I think it is introduced.
Rana chiricahuensis - Chiricahua Leopard Frog
Rana clamitans - Green Frog
****Have seen this species commonly in Nova Scotia and introduced in Newfoundland
Rana grylio - Pig Frog
Rana heckscheri - River Frog
Rana maslini - Maslin's Wood Frog
Rana muscosa - Mountain Yellow-legged Frog
Rana okaloosae - Florida Bog Frog
Rana onca - Relict Leopard Frog
Rana palustris - Pickerel Frog
****Have seen this often in Nova Scotia.
Rana pipiens - Northern Leopard Frog
****Have seen this often in Nova Scotia and in Saskatchewan.
Rana pretiosa - Spotted Frog
Rana septentrionalis - Mink Frog
****Have seen this often in Nova Scotia.
Rana sylvatica - Wood Frog
****Have seen this often in Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan.
Rana tarahumarae - Tarahumara Frog
Rana utricularia - Southern Leopard Frog
Rana virgatipes - Carpenter Frog


Gastrophryne carolinensis - Eastern Narrowmouth Toad
Gastrophryne olivacea - Great Plains Narrowmouth Toad
Hypopachus variolosus - Sheep Frog


Bufo alvarius - Colorado River Toad
Bufo americanus - American Toad
****Have seen this common in Nova Scotia.
Bufo boreas - Western Toad
Bufo canorus - Yosemite Toad
Bufo cognatus - Great Plains Toad
****Saw this in Arizona with Mike.
Bufo debilis - Green Toad
Bufo exsul - Black Toad
Bufo hemiophrys - Canadian Toad
****Have seen this frequently in Saskatchewan.
Bufo houstonensis - Houston Toad
Bufo marinus - Giant Toad
Bufo microscaphus - Southwestern Toad
Bufo punctatus - Red-spotted Toad
****Have seen this in Arizona with Mike.
Bufo quercicus - Oak Toad
Bufo retiformis - Sonoran Green Toad
Bufo speciosus - Texas Toad
Bufo terrestris - Southern Toad
Bufo valliceps - Gulf Coast Toad
Bufo woodhousii - Woodhouse's Toad


Acris crepitans - Northern Cricket Frog
Acris gryllus - Southern Cricket Frog
Hyla andersoni - Pine Barrens Treefrog
Hyla arenicolor - Canyon Treefrog
Hyla avivoca - Bird-voiced Treefrog
Hyla chrysoscelis - Cope's Gray Treefrog
Hyla cinerea - Green Treefrog
Hyla eximia - Mountain Treefrog
Hyla femoralis - Pine Woods Treefrog
Hyla gratiosa - Barking Treefrog
Hyla squirella - Squirrel Treefrog
Hyla versicolor - Gray Treefrog
Osteopilus septentrionalis - Cuban Treefrog
****Have seen this species in Florida at Royal Palms State Park with Sue
Pseudacris brachyphona - Mountain Chorus Frog
Pseudacris brimleyi - Brimley's Chorus Frog
Pseudacris cadaverina - California Chorus Frog
Pseudacris clarkii - Spotted Chorus Frog
Pseudacris crucifer - Spring Peeper
****Have seen this very often in Nova Scotia.
Pseudacris feriarum - Upland Chorus Frog
Pseudacris maculata - Boreal Chorus Frog
****Have seen this often in Saskatchewan.
Pseudacris nigrita - Southern Chorus Frog
Pseudacris ocularis - Little Grass Frog
Pseudacris ornata - Ornate Chorus Frog
Pseudacris regilla - Pacific Chorus Frog
Pseudacris streckeri - Strecker's Chorus Frog
Pseudacris triseriata - Western Chorus Frog
Pternohyla fodiens - Lowland Burrowing Treefrog
Smilisca baudinii - Mexican Treefrog


Eleutherodactylus augusti - Barking Frog
Eleutherodactylus coqui - Puerto Rican Coqui*
Eleutherodactylus planirostris - Greenhouse Frog*
Leptodactylus labialis - White-lipped Frog
Syrrhophus cystignathoides - Rio Grande Chirping Frog
Syrrhophus guttilatus - Spotted Chirping Frog
Syrrhophus marnockii - Cliff Chirping Frog


Xenopus laevis - African Clawed Frog*




Chelydra serpentina - Snapping Turtle ****Have seen this in Nova Scotia.
Macroclemys temminckii - Alligator Snapping Turtle


Kinosternon baurii - Striped Mud Turtle
Kinosternon flavescens - Yellow Mud Turtle
Kinosternon hirtipes - Mexican Mud Turtle
Kinosternon sonoriense - Sonoran Mud Turtle
Kinosternon subrubrum - Eastern Mud Turtle
Sternotherus carinatus - Razorback Musk Turtle
Sternotherus depressus - Flattened Musk Turtle
Sternotherus minor - Loggerhead Musk Turtle
Sternotherus odoratus - Common Musk Turtle


Chrysemys picta - Painted Turtle ****Have seen this in Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan.
Clemmys guttata - Spotted Turtle
Clemmys insculpta - Wood Turtle
****Have seen this in Nova Scotia
Clemmys marmorata - Western Pond Turtle
Clemmys muhlenbergii - Bog Turtle
Deirochelys reticularia - Chicken Turtle
Emydoidea blandingii - Blanding's Turtle
****90% sure I saw this in Nova Scotia when staying in Kedge.
Graptemys barbouri - Barbour's Map Turtle
Graptemys caglei - Cagle's Map Turtle
Graptemys flavimaculata - Yellow-blotched Map Turtle
Graptemys geographica - Common Map Turtle
Graptemys kohnii - Mississippi Map Turtle
Graptemys nigrinoda - Black-knobbed Map Turtle
Graptemys oculifera - Ringed Map Turtle
Graptemys pseudogeographica - False Map Turtle
Graptemys pulchra - Alabama Map Turtle
Graptemys versa - Texas Map Turtle
Malaclemys terrapin - Diamondback Terrapin
Pseudemys alabamensis - Alabama Redbelly Turtle
Pseudemys concinna - River Cooter
Pseudemys floridana - Cooter
Pseudemys nelsoni - Florida Redbelly Turtle
Pseudemys rubriventris - Redbelly Turtle
Pseudemys texana - Texas River Cooter
Terrapene carolina - Eastern Box Turtle
Terrapene ornata - Ornate Box Turtle
Trachemys gaigeae - Big Bend Slider
Trachemys scripta - Slider
****Have seen this as full adult in natural ponds in Nova Scotia but don't think it has established there yet.


Gopherus agassizii - Desert Tortoise
Gopherus berlandieri - Texas Tortoise
Gopherus polyphemus - Gopher Tortoise


Caretta caretta - Loggerhead
Chelonia mydas - Green Turtle
Eretmochelys imbricata - Hawksbill
Lepidochelys kempii - Atlantic Ridley
Lepidochelys olivacea - Pacific Ridley


Dermochelys coriacea - Leatherback


Apalone ferox - Florida Softshell
Apalone mutica - Smooth Softshell
Apalone spinifera - Spiny Softshell
****Have seen this in Louisiana - hit by car and spun but still alive afterwards.



Alligator mississippiensis - American Alligator ****Have seen this in Louisiana.
Caiman crocodilus - Spectacled Caiman*
Crocodylus acutus - American Crocodile




Rhineura floridana - Florida Worm Lizard



Coleonyx brevis - Texas Banded Gecko
Coleonyx reticulatus - Reticulated Gecko
Coleonyx switaki - Barefoot Gecko
Coleonyx variegatus - Western Banded Gecko
Cyrtopodium scabrum - Roughtail Gecko*
Gekko gecko - Tokay Gecko*
Gonatodes albogularis - Yellowhead Gecko*
Hemidactylus garnotii - Indo-Pacific Gecko*
Hemidactylus turcicus - Mediterranean Gecko*
Phyllodactylus xanti - Leaf-toed Gecko
Sphaerodactylus argus - Ocellated Gecko*
Sphaerodactylus elegans - Ashy Gecko*
Sphaerodactylus notatus - Reef Gecko


Anolis carolinensis - Green Anole ****Have seen this commonly in Louisiana.
Anolis cristatellus - Puerto Rican Crested Anole*

Anolis cybotes - Largehead Anole*
Anolis distichus - Bark Anole*
Anolis equestris - Knight Anole*
Anolis garmani - Jamaican Giant Anole*
Anolis sagrei - Brown Anole*


Basiliscus vittatus - Brown Basilisk*


Callisaurus draconoides - Zebratail Lizard ****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona (Son. Nat. Mon.) in 1986.
Cophosaurus texanus - Greater Earless Lizard
****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona (Fort Bowie) in 1986.
Crotaphytus bicinctores - Mojave Black-collared Lizard
Crotaphytus collaris - Collared Lizard
****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona in 1986 but earlier with Sue.
Crotaphytus insularis - Black-collared Lizard
Crotaphytus reticulatus - Reticulate Collared Lizard
Ctenosaura pectinata - Spinytail Iguana
Dipsosaurus dorsalis - Desert Iguana
****Have to check records (& photos) but think I saw this at ASDM, Tucson.
Gambelia sila - Bluntnose Leopard Lizard
Gambelia wislizenii - Longnose Leopard Lizard
****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona (Organ P. Nat. Mn. & Papago Res.) in 1986.
Holbrookia lacerata - Spot-tailed Earless Lizard
Holbrookia maculata - Lesser Earless Lizard
Holbrookia propinqua - Keeled Earless Lizard
Iguana iguana - Green Iguana*
Petrosaurus mearnsi - Banded Rock Lizard
Phrynosoma cornutum - Texas Horned Lizard
Phrynosoma coronatum - Coast Horned Lizard
Phrynosoma douglassii - Short-horned Lizard
****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona DOR - would want to confirm that it was not P. cornutum or P. Modestum.
Phrynosoma mcallii - Flat-tail Horned Lizard
Phrynosoma modestum - Roundtail Horned Lizard
Phrynosoma platyrhinos - Desert Horned Lizard
Phrynosoma solare - Regal Horned Lizard
****Have seen with Mike in Arizona (Catalina State Park) in 1986.
Sauromalus obesus - Chuckwalla

Sceloporus clarkii - Clark's Spiny Lizard ****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona (Ch. Nat. Mn.) in 1986.
Sceloporus graciosus - Sagebrush LIzard
Sceloporus grammicus - Mesquite Lizard
Sceloporus jarrovii - Yarrow's Spiny Lizard
****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona (Ch. Nat. Mn.) in 1986.
Sceloporus magister - Desert Spiny Lizard
****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona
Sceloporus merriami - Canyon Lizard
Sceloporus occidentalis - Western Fence Lizard
****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona (Mt. Lemon & Sabino Canyon) in 1986.
Sceloporus olivaceus - Texas Spiny Lizard
Sceloporus orcutti - Granite Spiny Lizard
Sceloporus poinsettii - Crevice Spiny Lizard
****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona (Ch. Nat. Mn.) in 1986.
Sceloporus scalaris - Bunch Grass Lizard
Sceloporus serrifer - Blue Spiny Lizard
Sceloporus undulatus - Eastern Fence Lizard
Sceloporus variabilis - Rosebelly Lizard
Sceloporus virgatus - Striped Plateau Lizard
Sceloporus woodi - Florida Scrub Lizard
Uma notata - Fringe-toed Lizard
****Have seen this with Mike in Yuma, Arizona but we might have just been over the border into California in 1986.
Urosaurus graciosus - Brush Lizard
Urosaurus microscutatus - Small-scaled Lizard
Urosaurus ornatus - Tree Lizard
****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona (Catalina State Park) in 1986.
Uta stansburiana - Side-blotched Lizard
****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona in Organ P. Nat. Mon in 1986.


Leiocephalus carinatus - Northern Curlytail Lizard*
Leiocephalus schreibersii - Red-sided Curlytail Lizard*


Elgaria coerulea - Northern Alligator Lizard
Elgaria kingii - Madrean Alligator Lizard
Elgaria multicarinata - Southern Alligator Lizard
Elgaria panamintina - Panamint Alligator Lizard
Gerrhonotus liocephalus - Texas Alligator Lizard
Ophisaurus attenuatus - Slender Glass Lizard
Ophisaurus compressus - Island Glass Lizard
Ophisaurus mimicus - Mimic Glass Lizard
Ophisaurus ventralis - Eastern Glass Lizard


Heloderma suspectum - Gila Monster. ****Saw this in May 2004 with Justin in Arizona in Organ Pipe Nat. Mon.


Anniella nigra - California Legless Lizard


Xantusia henshawi - Granite Night Lizard
Xantusia riversiana - Island Night Lizard
Xantusia vigilis - Desert Night Lizard


Ameiva ameiva - Giant Ameiva*
Cnemidophorus burti - Canyon Spotted Whiptail
****Have seen this with Mike in Sabino Canyon, Arizona in 1986. (This was the red-back subspecies.)
Cnemidophorus dixoni - Gray-checkered Whiptail
Cnemidophorus exsanguis - Chihuahuan Spotted Whiptail
****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona
Cnemidophorus flagellicaudus - Gila Spotted Whiptail
Cnemidophorus gularis - Texas Spotted Whiptail
Cnemidophorus hyperythrus - Orangethroat Whiptail
Cnemidophorus inornatus - Little Striped Whiptail
Cnemidophorus laredoensis - Laredo Striped Whiptail
Cnemidophorus lemniscatus - Rainbow Whiptail*
Cnemidophorus marmoratus - Marbled Whiptail
Cnemidophorus neomexicanus - New Mexico Whiptail
Cnemidophorus septemvittatus - Plateau Spotted Whiptail
Cnemidophorus sexlineatus - Six-lined Racerunner
Cnemidophorus sonorae - Sonoran Spotted Whiptail
Cnemidophorus tesselatus - Checkered Whiptail
Cnemidophorus tigris - Western Whiptail
Cnemidophorus uniparens - Desert Grassland Whiptail
****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona (Catalina State Park) in 1986.
Cnemidophorus velox - Plateau Striped Whiptail.
****Saw this with Justin in Arizona in May 2004.


Podarcis muralis - Common Wall Lizard*
Podarcis sicula - Italian Wall Lizard*


Eumeces anthracinus - Coal Skink
Eumeces callicephalus - Mountain Skink
Eumeces egregius - Mole Skink
Eumeces fasciatus - Five-lined Skink
Eumeces gilberti - Gilbert's Skink
Eumeces inexpectatus - Southeastern Five-lined Skink
Eumeces laticeps - Broadhead Skink
Eumeces multivirgatus - Many-lined Skink
Eumeces obsoletus - Great Plains Skink
****Have seen this Mike in Arizona
Eumeces septentrionalis - Prairie Skink
Eumeces skiltonianus - Western Skink
Eumeces tetragrammus - Four-lined Skink
Neoseps reynoldsi - Sand Skink
Scincella lateralis - Ground Skink



Ramphotyphlops braminus - Brahminy Blind Snake*


Leptotyphlops dulcis - Texas Blind Snake
Leptotyphlops humilis - Western Blind Snake


Charina bottae - Rubber Boa
Lichanura trivirgata - Rosy Boa


Arizona elegans - Glossy Snake
Bogertophis rosaliae - Baja California Rat Snake
Bogertophis subocularis - Trans-Pecos Rat Snake
Carphophis amoenus - Eastern Worm Snake
Carphophis vermis - Western Worm Snake
Cemophora coccinea - Scarlet Snake
Chilomeniscus cinctus - Banded Sand Snake
Chionactis occipitalis - Western Shovelnose Snake
Chionactis palarostris - Sonoran Shovelnose Snake
Chionactis saxatilis - Mountain Shovelnose Snake
Clonophis kirtlandii - Kirtland's Snake
Coluber constrictor - Racer
****Have seen this species at "public" hibernaculum in Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan.
Coniophanes imperialis - Black-striped Snake
Contia tenuis - Sharptail Snake
Diadophis punctatus - Ringneck Snake
****Have seen this species growing up in Nova Scotia
Drymarchon corais - Indigo Snake
Drymobius margaritiferus - Speckled Racer
Elaphe bairdi - Baird's Rat Snake
Elaphe guttata - Corn Snake
Elaphe obsoleta - Rat Snake
Elaphe vulpina - Fox Snake
Farancia abacura - Mud Snake
Farancia erytrogramma - Rainbow Snake
Ficimia streckeri - Mexican Hooknose Snake
Gyalopion canum - Western Hooknose Snake
Gyalopion quadrangulare - Desert Hooknose Snake
Heterodon nasicus - Western Hognose Snake
Heterodon platirhinos - Eastern Hognose Snake
Heterodon simus - Southern Hognose Snake
Hypsiglena torquata - Night Snake
Lampropeltis alterna - Gray-banded Kingsnake
Lampropeltis calligaster - Prairie Kingsnake
Lampropeltis getula - Common Kingsnake
Lampropeltis pyromelana - Sonora Mountain Kingsnake
Lampropeltis triangulum - Milk Snake
****I am 90% certain this is the species Sue and I saw in Ramsey Canyon will have to check notes.
Lampropeltis zonata - California Mountain Kingsnake
Leptodeira septentrionalis - Cat-eyed Snake
Masticophis bilineatus - Sonoran Whipsnake
****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona DOR in Ramsey Canyon and live in Sabino Canyon in 1986.
Masticophis flagellum - Coachwhip
****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona DOR. Also saw DOR in May 2004 with Justin in Arizona.
Masticophis lateralis - Striped Racer
Masticophis taeniatus - Striped Whipsnake
Nerodia clarkii - Salt Marsh Snake
Nerodia cyclopion - Mississippi Green Water Snake
Nerodia erythrogaster - Plainbelly Water Snake
Nerodia fasciata - Southern Water Snake
Nerodia floridana - Florida Green Water Snake
Nerodia harteri - Brazos Water Snake
Nerodia paucimaculata - Concho Water Snake
Nerodia rhombifer - Diamondback Water Snake
Nerodia sipedon - Nothern Water Snake
****Have seen this species in Louisiana with Sue
Nerodia taxispilota - Brown Water Snake
Opheodrys aestivus - Rough Green Snake
Opheodrys vernalis - Smooth Green Snake
****Have seen this species growing up in Nova Scotia and in Saskatchewan
Oxybelis aeneus - Mexican Vine Snake
Phyllorhynchus browni - Saddled Leafnose Snake
****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona (Organ P. Nat. Mn.) in 1986. (Pima subspecies)
Phyllorhynchus decurtatus - Spotted Leafnose Snake
Pituophis melanoleucus - Pine Snake, Gopher Snake
****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona as well as DOR in Saskatchewan with family.
Regina alleni - Striped Crayfish Snake
Regina grahamii - Graham's Crayfish Snake
Regina rigida - Glossy Crayfish Snake
Regina septemvittata - Queen Snake
Rhadinaea flavilata - Pine Woods Snake
Rhinocheilus lecontei - Longnose Snake
****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona DOR. Saw live on road twice at night in May 2004 with Justin.
Salvadora deserticola - Big Bend Patchnose Snake
Salvadora grahamiae - Mountain Patchnose Snake
Salvadora hexalepis - Western Patchnose Snake
****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona DOR Son. Nat. Mon. in 1986.
Seminatrix pygaea - Black Swamp Snake
Senticolis triaspis - Green Rat Snake
Sonora semiannulata - Ground Snake
Stilosoma extenuatum - Short-tailed Snake
Storeria dekayi - Brown Snake
Storeria occipitomaculata - Redbelly Snake
****Have seen this species growing up in Nova Scotia also in Custer State Pk, SD.

Tantilla atriceps - Mexican Blackhead Snake
Tantilla coronata - Southeastern Crowned Snake
Tantilla gracilis - Flathead Snake
Tantilla hobartsmithi - Southwestern Blackhead Snake
Tantilla nigriceps - Plains Blackhead Snake
Tantilla oolitica - Rim Rock Crowned Snake
Tantilla planiceps - Western Blackhead Snake
Tantilla relicta - Florida Crowned Snake
Tantilla rubra - Big Bend Blackhead Snake
Tantilla wilcoxi - Chihuahuan Blackhead Snake
Tantilla yaquia - Yaqui Blackhead Snake
Thamnophis atratus - Santa Cruz Garter Snake
Thamnophis brachystoma - Shorthead Garter Snake
Thamnophis butleri - Butler's Garter Snake
Thamnophis couchi - Western Aquatic Garter Snake
Thamnophis cyrtopsis - Blackneck Garter Snake
****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona
Thamnophis elegans - Western Terrestrial Garter Snake
****Have seen this species in Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan with Jackie and Gary
Thamnophis eques - Mexican Garter Snake
Thamnophis gigas - Giant Garter Snake
Thamnophis marcianus - Checkered Garter Snake
Thamnophis ordinoides - Northwestern Garter Snake
Thamnophis proximus - Western Ribbon Snake
Thamnophis radix - Plains Garter Snake
****Have seen this species in Saskatchewan
Thamnophis rufipunctatus - Narrowhead Garter Snake
Thamnophis sauritus - Eastern Ribbon Snake
****Have seen this species growing up in Nova Scotia
Thamnophis sirtalis - Common Garter Snake
****Have seen this species growing up in Nova Scotia
Trimorphodon biscutatus - Lyre Snake
Tropidoclonion lineatum - Lined Snake
Virginia striatula - Rough Earth Snake
Virginia valeriae - Smooth Earth Snake


Micruroides euryxanthus - Western Coral Snake
Micrurus fulvius - Eastern Coral Snake
Pelamis platurus - Yellowbelly Sea Snake


Agkistrodon contortrix - Copperhead ****Have seen this species in Louisiana at Nature Centre.
Agkistrodon piscivorus - Cottonmouth
****Have seen this species dead in Louisiana and then alive in Louisiana with Sue.
Crotalus adamanteus - Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
Crotalus atrox - Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
****Saw this species in May 2004 with Justin in Arizona at OPCNM

Crotalus willardi - Ridgenose Rattlesnake
Crotalus cerastes - Sidewinder
****Have seen this species in Arizona on Pinal Parkway between Phoenix and Tucson.
Crotalus horridus - Timber Rattlesnake
Crotalus lepidus - Rock Rattlesnake
Crotalus mitchellii - Speckled Rattlesnake
Crotalus molossus - Blacktail Rattlesnake
Crotalus pricei - Twin-spotted Rattlesnake
Crotalus ruber - Red Diamond Rattlesnake
Crotalus scutulatus - Mojave Rattlesnake
****Have seen this with Mike in Arizona
Crotalus tigris - Tiger Rattlesnake
Crotalus viridis - Western Rattlesnake
****Have seen this with the family in Saskatchewan

Crotalus willardi - Ridgenose Rattlesnake
Sistrurus catenatus - Massasauga
Sistrurus miliarius - Pigmy Rattlesnake


Scientific and common names from J. T. Collins, Standard common and current scientific names for North American amphibians and reptiles, Third Edition, Soc. Study Amph. & Rept. Herp. Circular No. 19, 1990. Order of families from J. L. Behler and F. W. King, The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Reptiles and Amphibians, Alfred A. Knopf, 1979.

Compiled by Doug Henderson and Dennis Paulson, October 1992; some subsequent taxonomic decisions in literature added thereafter.

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